What is GP4?

GP4 stands for Growth Plan Series 4.

How it works

Retirement might seem like a long time away. Or it might just be round the corner. Either way you need to think about it now to make sure you have saved enough to live comfortably.

Saving for a pension is a really great way to achieve this.

So, how does it work? It's easier than you think:


Contributions from you and your employer must be paid in line with the minimum requirements set by your employer or the regulations. You can decide to save more than these minimum amounts. Find out more...


Your pension savings are invested until you retire. Find out more...


This is what you've planned for! You might want to use the money you have invested to buy a pension (or annuity) to give you an income for the rest of your life - like a salary in retirement or you might prefer to take a cash lump sum. From 6 April 2015, you will have a range of options, which are described on this website. We need to have all your contributions before any payments can be made. Therefore, your retirement lump sum and pensions will not be available on the day you retire and you need to consider this when making your decisions. Try to give The Pensions Trust as much notice as possible that you intend to retire to speed up the process. Find out more...

What is a defined contribution pension scheme?
It means the benefits you get when you retire are related to the contributions you and your employer have made to your pension scheme.

What about life cover?
Life cover is not a standard benefit of the Plan, but your employer may have chosen to provide cover for all of its members. If you do have cover and you die while still an active member of the Plan, the life cover will be paid in accordance with your nomination, unless there are exceptional circumstances.